#1 Change Your Tune
This is one of those songs I heard the hook for while in a half-sleep, half-awake state. I wanted to do it as a fast rock n roll song. Glad I didn't. It's much more fun to play this way.
#2 Minor Step
I got to play a big-bodied Gibson arch top on this instrumental.
#3 Coffee and Chicken
This tune was written originally for Smokin' Joe Kubek. They worked up a version for their live show, but never recorded it .
So, I did.
#4 King of Livin' On My Own
This is sort of the next logical progression to Cool Guitars.
We took an almost Jug Band approach on this one. The upright bass is really a Fender electric but Bumpy played it with foam shoved under the bridge. George is playing Ma Puskarich 's rub board!
#5 Hard Luck Man
Sometimes, ya just wanna Rawk!
#6 Shame, Shame, Shame
All songwriters write their best songs while falling asleep or waking up.
Problem is, they are forgotten before getting written down. The thinking is: "This is so good, I'll remember it in the morning!" Not! My friendship with the extremely talented and sometimes eccentric, John Mooney, is well documented in song and legend. He claims to have been struck by lightning seven times. I believe him. His watch runs backwards. One night last winter, he brought me this song in my dream, with him crawling around under the furniture with a tape recorder. The song was clear as a bell; John was ...fuzzy. In my dream, he got up on his feet, handed me the tape recorder and said, "This song is for you." I awoke, sat straight up, went to the living room in the darkness, and wrote down every word, verses, choruses, drums, guitar, bass, vocals --- the whole schmegegee was as plain as day. Even though I hadn't talked to him in a couple of years, he sat in with us a few days later at our show in New Orleans. (Check it out on YouTube.) Funny thing is that he knew how the song went. What you hear is what was in the dream. Note for note.
#7 You Brush Me Off
This came from the first sessions in 2012. We just put it together at the spur of the moment. Some of the best stuff comes from doing that.
George plays brushes like only he can, hence the title.
#8 Someone Who's Crying Tonight
There is so much sadness in the world nowadays . The media thrives on it. The bloodier it is, the sexier they find it. But, it's just the tip of the iceberg that is consumed by the public. So much never sees the glare of the camera. These are the ones that "we never see". This tune is about them.
#9 Keep My Heart From Breaking
What would you do to keep the one you truly love?
#10 Swingin' Breeze ( Scotty's tune)
Vegas mob rock instrumental dedicated to my dear friend, Scott Gurevich aka Frank Black. We miss you, man.
#11 Run Like The Wind
This one is about the apprehensive feeling connected to relocating to a strange new world.

#12 Pondok
South African / Indonesian for " Shack/House with a Tin Roof"
This one is a respectful nod to the previous owners of our new home, who christened it Pondok, after the painstaking task of lovingly building and caring for it. This song represents the great feeling you get after the relocation is complete!


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