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Bluegrass has always been built on a solid foundation of old and new, but scarcely in such a lucky combination as with Randy Waller. Being the son of Country Gentlemen-legend Charlie Waller he brings a great name and a family heritage into his music. On the other side he belongs to the newer generation and went his own way in the music business before he returned to the pristine Bluegrass.

He works with the same innovation, which once brought his dad to the top of the Bluegrass world. He was born in 1959 in Washington, D.C. and grew up with the music of the Country Gentlemen, and people like Eddie Adcock, Jimmy Gaudreau, Jerry Douglas, Doyle Lawson and many others were a part of the family.

In the summertime, he went on tour with his dad and learned bluegrass from scratch and during the rest of the year after school, he made a little career in performing Country Music - but eventuallly returned to his "Bluegrass Family" and joined the Gents in 2003. Randy has always been the greatest fan of his dad and is an appropriate replacement as lead singer and guitar player. Today, Randy is making his own way in his own creative style, but also continues to sing songs of the Country Gentlemen trademark songs of Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen.


Randy Waller

Randy Waller was born in Washington D.C. in 1959 Randy grew up surrounded by the music of The Country Gentlemen. "Those musicians were like family to me," he says, of the giants like Eddy Adcock, Jimmy Gaudreau, Bill Yates, Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Douglas, and Doyle Lawson. Spending the school years on a farm in Tennessee with his dad's sister, he traveled the roads with Charlie in the summers, soaking up ground breaking music and learning of life in a traveling bluegrass band.

When he finished his schooling, he chose to make his living playing music developing a solo career that found him opening for major country acts, fronting regional country and country-rock bands; and also teaching guitar in Richmond, Virginia. This wide and varied musical exposure has given Randy a deep knowledge and understanding of all kinds of music which has allowed him to draw from many genre. Randy has always been his dad's biggest fan. "To be able to replace him as the lead singer and guitar player with The Country Gentlemen is a dream come true." - Randy Waller.

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